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Creating a difference

Flushing is eminent and important part of installation and maintenance activities, it is also complex and tedious activity, Saudi Wells makes this easier for our clients with the supply of units for hire along with capable technicians on a daily rental basis.

Product Features

  • Oil flushing services are used to extend the life cycle of hydraulic/lubrication systems during commissioning, periodic maintenance and repair services.
  • Flushing of hydraulic and lube oil system is employed to ensure that new rotating and hydraulic equipment will start up and operate with full efficiency and prevents premature failure. Hydratech is dedicated to reducing equipment maintenance and operating cost by removing damaging particulate from lubrication and Hydraulic system for maximum reliability and economic system performance.
  • Sources of contaminations: New constructions are more susceptible to severe contaminations such as rust, scale, slag, sand, dirt, etc. all leading to failure of even the most well-designed systems. Contaminants trapped in bearing races, rotating equipment causing significant damage. Particles as small as five microns in size can cause significant damage if allowed to remain or become trapped in the processing system and create more contamination as existing contaminants create more contaminants because of a chain reaction.
  • Routine system maintenance on valves, filters, pumps etc. can ingress damaging level of particulate contaminations if proper care is not taken during process Hydratech can assess a system cleanliness level using oil samples and inputs from customer regarding system performance, maintenance and operating conditions, the system then can be flushed to predetermine cleanliness class (ISO4406/ NAS1638). A clean system can keep equipment running longer and better for years to come.
  • Applications for flushing include:

    • Hydraulic control systems
    • Marine vessel’s Hydraulic, Lube and fuel oil system
    • Steam & Gas Turbines lube systems
    • Steering, winches and crane Hydraulic system
    • Subsea control lines
    • Compressor lube oil system cleaning