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Creating a difference

Multipoint chemical injection skids are more suitable when the number of injection points is more and there is a space constraint to accommodate the skid footprint. The value proposition of this product is the direct cost reduction in the capital investment, as one single skid replaces multiple chemical injection skids.

Product Features

  • The operating cost is much lower in this option as the maintenance cost is less and the floor utilization is maximized.
  • A single pump can be used to inject the same chemical at different locations, at different pressure, and at different flow. This can be achieved by using pressure independent flow control valves. These flow control valves maintain a constant flow regardless of pressure changes them. These flow control valves have pre-determined flow ranges and flow can be adjusted either manually or electronically. The flow control devices use a unique spring system to maintain a constant differential pressure across a fixed orifice system.
  • This type of system is best suited for offshore platforms where there is always a space constraint and the need for injecting different chemicals at different locations, pressure, and flow. All these requirements can be achieved in one system by using compartmental tanks for storing different chemicals and by using different pumps with the number of flow control devices to inject different chemicals at different pressures and flow rates.
  • This system can be controlled locally or remotely and is suitable for operation in hazardous as well as safe zones.

Our Multi Point Chemical Injection Skid