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Creating a difference

Modular Wellsite Package (MWP) is an integrated skid-based unit containing all wellsite equipment and components required between the Christmas tree and the main flow line leading to the gathering station.

All equipment between Christmas tree and header line are neatly arranged within the modular package making it a compact design which can be mounted on pre-designed foundation. The complete package can be fully integrated and tested as one unit. Based on the application and design the Modular skids are assembled suitable for conventional and unconventional applications.

Modular skids Classified:

  • Gas Modular Skid.
  • Oil Modular Skid.
  • Annuli Riser Skid.
  • Off Plot –Tie in Facilities Skid (OPTF SKID).
  • Power Water Injection skid.

Saudi Wells Technology Factory Company (SWTF) offers efficient products that meets and exceeds our client’s design requirements and stringent International standards, are still cost effective solutions with reasonable delivery time.

This package offers a variety of benefits, which include, but are not limited to

  • Simplified and minimal civil/installation work on site
  • Reduced field Installation time and complexity
  • Significant cost saving, compared with conventional wellsite execution
  • Single source of supply for entire package, instead of procuring all items and integrating the same on site
  • All required interfaces available on single skid
  • Can be designed for both “Sweet” and “Sour” application
  • Minimum ideal time between well completion and production
  • Can be designed to suit all well sites and can be kept as inventory
  • Considerable reduction in the scope of Site Survey, Equipment Layout, Pipe Routing as per site conditions
  • Single foundation for mounting the package