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Creating a difference

Multi-well Control Panels are inherently single well panels, referred to as modules, set together in a Panel to control a number of wells. The Modules can be isolated or removed without disrupting the functionality of other modules of the panel.

These types of Wellhead Control panels are used to control multiple wells. The panel has a single cabinet with multiple wells control modules and each module controls individual well. The wells control module can be removable drawer type or integrated block manifold solenoid assembly. The Hydraulic Power Section and ESD/FSD control sections are common to all the modules/manifolds with proper isolation. These panels can be designed to operate as pneumatic-hydraulic, electro-pneumatic or electro-hydraulic. Push Buttons are provided at panel front face for Wellhead Valves Open/Close operation.

Instruments Interconnection Junction Boxes for Analog and Digital Signals are provided separately for each Module in WHCP.

Our multi-well control system is a fail-safe system using control logic to provide ESD, fusible loop fire protection, and wellhead valve opening/closing sequencing with several other functions derived based on customer requirements, field conditions, special cause and effect analysis, extensive research programs.

It is field proven with 25 years sustainability which requires limited and less maintenance.

Our Multi Well Head Control Panels