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Creating a difference

WHCPs are also known as Wellhead Shutdown Systems (WSD) or Emergency Shutdown Systems (ESD) These are failsafe shutdown systems which have hydraulic and electric components; WSD are integrated with PLC/ RTU/ SCADA.

WSDs are used for monitoring, controlling (Remote/Local) and safe shutdown of Subsurface Controlled Safety Valves (SCSSV), Surface Safety Valves (SSV), and other wellhead safety valves (Choke, ESD, HIPPS) in oil & gas production fields to ensure safe operation of unattended wells/platforms.

  • Fully compliant to NEMA 4X certified enclosure
  • Fully Compliant to Aramco standards 34-SAMSS-630 / 34-SAMSS-626 / 34-SAMSS-624 and internationally recognized standards.
  • WSDs can also conform to NACE for material specifications and SIL for functional safety requirements.
  • Safe and Sequential Operation of Wellhead Valves (SCSSV/SSV/Wing Etc.)
  • Our WSDs are engineered and built in line with customer specifications and international standards.

Our Wellhead Shutdown System