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Creating a difference

The Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) is designed to provide low and high pressure filtered hydraulic fluid to topside and subsea control valves, and stored volume will be provided via accumulators in the event of loss of power.

All systems are designed and tailored to suit the individual project specifications or client developed, standardized design philosophies, always incorporating safety, environmental and statutory requirements.

Key design features of the HPU include:

  • High working pressures up to 20000psig
  • Bladder and/or piston accumulators, (PED, ASME VIII Non or ā€œUā€ stamped, AS 1210)
  • Integral PLC interfaced to platform MCS or autonomous
  • Integral autonomous MCC or interfaced to platform MCC
  • Integral or standalone reservoirs, size to suit application
  • HVAC systems available for low and high ambient temperature environments

Our Hydraulic Power Units