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Creating a difference

Self-contained hydraulic controlled well head control system composed of sensors, logic, and final control elements that utilizes hydraulic fluid pressure for sensing and for the motive force required to operate SSV’s and SSSV’s.

Product Features

  • Fully compliant to NEMA 4X certified enclosure.
  • Fully Compliant to Aramco standards 34-SAMSS-630 & 34-SAMSS-624 and internationally recognized standards. The panels can also conform to NACE for material specifications and SIL for functional safety requirements.
  • Wellhead Control Panels have electrically driven hydraulic pumps / manual hand pump to generate Hydraulic power source for wellhead valves operational requirements. Hydraulic logic header pressure is derived from the main hydraulic header by using hydraulic regulators and the required control & shutdown logics are developed. The panels can be controlled either locally or remotely.
  • We also provide Electronic-hydraulic type of emergency shutdown system. It can be used when electric power (grid, solar or otherwise) is availabl.

Our Single Well Head Control Panel