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Creating a difference

Fiscal Metering Systems

Z Configuration Gas Metering Skid
  • When dealing with transfer of ownership of liquid and gas hydrocarbons, a small level of uncertainty can result in a significant loss of revenue. It is therefore vital to utilize high precision metering equipment to ensure that your company is not losing potential revenue on liquid and gas hydrocarbon transfer.
  • Design of Metering skid for Fiscal application and strategic applications.
  • Manufacturing of Metering skids
  • Up-gradation of existing Metering skids
Oil Metering Skid

Bidirectional prover & Analyzer Sampling Skid

We have extensive knowledge and experience in all types of proving systems, from the commonly used bi-directional prover to customized solutions for the most challenging applications.

Our provers can be supplied as a standalone system or integrated as part of a flow measurement Modular Package.

Bi-Directional Prover
  • Design of Liquid sampling systems
  • Fast loop Density Measurement skids
  • Bi-directional provers & Sampling skids
  • Master prover & Master meter mobile device for the calibration of Bi-directional provers in field
  • Water draw of field provers
  • Volumetric Calibration Tanks
Master Prover & Master Meter

SCADA for Metering Skids & Bidirectional prover skids

Ensuring flow measurement accuracy and maximizing your uptime are two of our top priorities.

  • Development of SCADA software for metering system
  • HMI (Human Machine Interface) pages development
Metering Overview
Prover Sequence Operation
Sampling System