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Creating a difference

We provide these types of Wellhead Control Panels (WHCP) which are solar power (Green Energy) operated and would reduce Carbon Footprint and also help make operations more cost effective by eliminating the use of external electricity, compressed air and reduced maintenance cost while improving equipment availability.

Product Features

  • The Panels are deployed to control single and dual string wells and are designed to operate in harsh Offshore/Onshore desert environment conditions. The panels are built with Hydraulic power unit, ESD/FSD logic Control System, and sophisticated instrumentation. The panel is fabricated using Stainless Steel plates and encapsulates the tubing and instrumentation. The panels have an emergency shutdown system to ensure safety of people and assets.
  • WHCP is supplied with solar power system which contains 3 main components: Solar modules, Charge regulator(s) & Battery bank. Solar modules are assembled on a structure & mounted on top of the panel. Solar module produces DC power and is wired through the charge regulator to charge the battery bank. The two main functions of the charge regulator are to prevent the battery from being overcharged and to eliminate any reverse current flow from the batteries back to the solar modules at night. Charge controller is provided inside the Local Control Panel, in case of low voltage or over voltage. It disconnects batteries from charge circuit and as well from load circuit to protect the solar system. The battery bank stores the energy produced by the solar array during the day for use at any time of day or night. Batteries come in many sizes and grades.
  • WHCP comes with a battery load bank according to customer’s autonomy requirement.