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Creating a difference

Odorization packages use leading edge technology to place an odorant into a gas flow. The most common type is the one that injects a smelly Ethyl Mercaptan liquid into natural gas lines so that leaks can be easily detected and thereby prevent explosions from built up fumes.

Our system integrates with double diaphragm pumps, which are hermetically sealed, provides long life, easy maintenance and leak free operation. To accommodate storage needs of the odorant, we provide Pressure Vessels complete with all level instruments for local/trip functions, Nitrogen/Fuel Gas Blanketing Line and all other accessories that are needed for safe handling.

Our systems are engineered to measure and inject precise amounts of liquid odorant into any volume of gas that flows down the pipeline. Accurate injection of Odorizer can be accomplished by manual/automatic stroke control on the pump with flow meter in the discharge line for the flow verification.

Complete pressurized wetted parts are made with SS316 construction and all drain lines are fully interconnected so that there are no chances of any spillage of the chemical. All controls and injection tie in points are terminated at the skid for ease of installation and hook-ups to the client system.

The complete system is suitable to operate in Hazardous as well as safe area zones.

Our Odorization System