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Creating a difference

Product Features

  • Integrated sampling cylinders in sampling units, and sampling station assemblies.
  • Simple and innovative design.
  • Capable to handle crude sampling with ease and safety of the operator.
  • Designed to transport and store pressurized gas samples. 20 litres Capacity at a pressure up to 3000 psi.
  • 10K PSI Sample Cylinder with piston and blending ball. Suitable for outdoor, offshore platforms and onshore terminals.
  • Construction material is suitable outdoor, offshore platforms, onshore terminals. Design according to customer requirements, application, standard and design codes
  • An optional carrying case is also available for transportation purposes.
  • All standard bottles are equipped with angle needle valve at each end. Valves integrated with end caps with 1/4″ NPT, female ports.
  • Design protects Valves with guards from damage during rough handling.

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