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Creating a difference

Diaphragm or plunger type Multi-head pump can be used to inject two or more liquids through one pump. The pump employs a single drive mechanism coupled in parallel with multiple pumping chambers, each capable of handling different types of chemicals

  • The multi-head type pump is a positive displacement electric motor driven pump designed as per the API 675 standard. The capacity of the pump can be altered from zero to maximum by stroke length adjustment mechanism. Multi-head pumps can have two or more heads, and all of them can be individually operated. The pumps are precisely designed to make sure dosing of different chemicals in the required ratio. Its compact design demands less maintenance.
  • Instead of using several pumps for pumping different chemicals, one single pump with the number of heads can be used.
  • Multi-head pumps are mostly used where there is space constraint and when the budget is a prime factor. This type of skid mainly integrated with the multi-compartment tank can be used to store different chemicals.
  • The only disadvantages with this pump are that as this multi-head pump is run by only one common motor, any defect in the motor will cease the operation of all injection lines. This can be overcome by putting one pump as a standby.

Multi Head Pump Chemical Injection Skid