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Creating a difference

PLC based Wellhead control systems are customized as required by Instrumented Protective System(IPS) for Wellhead valves Open/Close sequence, Control, Operation and shutdown safety requirements & to meet a high degree of Reliability, Availability, Functional safety and complete integrity.

  • The advantage of PLC based WHCS is reduced installation cost by combining high-level logic sequence function, PID Control, Shutdown functions, Online fault monitoring, Diagnostic, Alarm & SCADA / RTU functions with best possible System Architecture, application software, programming software, Hardware and Software Configurations as per IEC safety standards.
  • Project supply includes Design, Engineering, Procurement, SDP/PLC Panel Assembly, Testing, and Supply of SDP, PLC and HMI systems, Integrated Factory Acceptance Test, SAT, Pre-Commissioning & Commissioning supports & services.

Our PLC Based Well Head Control Panel